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Our Approach

Call this "Our vision." Generally, we like the hands-on and up-front way of doing things. We also freely admit to our shortcomings in dealing with the digitalized/computerized age of gadgetry.

By this we mean: we prefer talking to a real person when we call a number, so we try to answer our phones. Therefore, you can reach us. That being said, the problems with cell phones today also means you might have to leave a message. Don't worry! We WILL get back to you. Just leave your reason for calling, your name, and a legitimate phone number.

The Fleming Backstory



Norm and Wilma started out in musical entertainment venues in the 70's. They played for dances, in places like American Legions, Moose Clubs, or for weddings and special private parties. It was "gig" work. Both of them enjoyed getting out of the house on Saturday nights and the opportunity to play with other musicians. Norm played the trumpet. Wilma played backup keyboards, and: "We sang our songs (in spite of our limited vocals) and we met a lot of nice people".



Who we are:



Wilma Fleming

The Writer & the Artist.

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother.

Normtrumpet Copy

Norm Fleming

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather.

 President & Ceo 

The Trumpeter and Songwriter.

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