The Curse at Lilac Waters by Wilma Fleming

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WilmaWrites is a website for you; creative people who appreciate other creative people.  Simply put, we offer books, art, and some original children's music. (Just BROWSE, and click to   Easy-peasy!)

We incorporate real life into family-friendly stuff. (Because we had five children and we're now blessed with nine grandchildren.)

We invite you to look around. Your interest and comment is our personal bonus.

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The Flemings

Lots of Art!

Wilma is known as "Your Heart's Artist." She loves drawing and painting in watercolors, colored pencils or acrylics, and loves doing animals and pets. You might find her blogging about art, or teaching art, or hold chatty workshops with like-minded creatives. She welcomes you to BROWSE her ART GALLERY with this link: http://wilmawrites.imagekind.com/ Enjoy her paintings.  Maybe you'll get inspired to redecorate with original art.

PS-Norm likes writing music, playing tennis, and/or pickleball. You might see him on the courts:).

The Children's CD

Norm has written lots of music in his retirement; a contest-winning hymn entitled, "Saint Theresa, Little Flower," (at St. Theresa's Parish in Belleview, Florida) and a CD full of 15 silly songs for children (pictured below) plus all the music for a couple of play productions, "For The Love of Wanda," and "Alien Love." (Plays written by Lenny C. Lewis).


2nd Verse.

2nd Verse is the business name we use for all necessary paperwork and taxes;  the  proper stuff. (We chose it because of that catchy phrase in the old song by Herman's Hermits. You know, "second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse?" Or something funny like that.

Anyway, our business name is  obscure because, mostly, we prefer to be known as ourselves, Norm and Wilma Fleming. We like a lot of different things and, just like everybody else, we hate to be pigeon-holed. So we change it up when we can...for fun. Variety. Giggles.Whatever.

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Book Title: "The Curse at Lilac Waters"


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